Nowadays, more and more companies are offering internships since young people are looking to gain working experience even when they are still studying. Yet, since many internships exist, not all of them stand out, which results to the best candidates to applying only to the most promoted or innovative ones. This can also result in a company’s decision to stop promoting internship programmes, losing many benefits an intern can bring to the table such as innovation, creativity, critical thinking, visibility, and many more.

So, how can an internship programme stand out?

First of all, it is important to think like a young person who is looking for an internship and to adapt to their needs, daily habits, and life. Try to think, speak, and act like them in order to reach them.

  • Social media

Taking into consideration the above statement, it is evident that the use of newspapers or magazines as materials for promotion purposes is outdated and not efficient. What could work better are social media since almost all of them use them in their daily life. LinkedIn for example, is the best way to promote an internship programme directly to young people, since this is exactly its purpose. Then, of course Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook can also be used, yet it is important to adapt to their features (use of videos/reels for Tik Tok and posts for Facebook).

  • Networking Opportunities

Participating in networking fairs can also be a way of attracting young people. This can also be more safe for companies, since the young people participating in this kind of fairs will also be motivated for their career.

  • Paid Opportunities

There is a big debate between paid and unpaid internships with many discussions about banning unpaid ones. Yet, there is not a law promoting paid internships which results to unpaid internships which are the final choice for interns even if the programme offered is really motivated and interesting. Try to include even a small amount of remuneration in order to motivate interns to apply and give their best self to the programme.

  • Mentorship Opportunities

It is important to know that an internship programme can be beneficial to someone, not only to the company. Therefore, reassuring the intern that someone will guide and mentor him in order to become a professional can be really motivating and encouraging for him and can show that this internship programme is well thought, structured and organized.

These are just some examples and suggestions on how an internship can stand out. You can find more suggestions in the i-Coach material as well as online. The best of luck with your internships!